Combining Nonprofits with Public Relations

I believe it’s safe to assume that if nonprofits had a Siamese twin, the twin’s name would be “public relations.” Even though PR can function without nonprofits, nonprofits cannot survive without PR. Nonprofits are kept afloat by the generosity of others, so if organizations fail to connect with their target audiences, they will fail at surviving in the marketplace. Therefore, the two must go hand-in-hand.

In “Utilizing PR for Non Profits,” Clark Communications illustrates three piece of advice that nonprofits must follow in order to successfully carryout their public relations efforts:

  1. Determine which 1-3 messages it wants to convey to the public.
  2. Develop a plan including a goal, objectives, target audience(s), strategies, tactics, budget and measurement to support the message(s).
  3. Implement the plan, conveying the message(s).

If organizations can stick to these three tips, they will be able to execute a successful public relations campaign that is clear and direct. By keeping messages succinct, donors can easily identify what the nonprofits stand for. By using a PR plan to define the parameters of its efforts, an organization can monitor its success along the way. And lastly, by implementing a plan centered on key messages, the nonprofits can maintain a consistent voice, which add to credibility.


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