Utilizing Technology in 2012

It’s that time again — that time when recently written lists of new years resolutions begin collecting dust. They’re too specific, unquantifiable or unreachable. In “7 Things Nonprofits Should Focus on this Year,” Joe Waters takes it upon himself to write your list for you.

The author’s main points were centered on technology, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. I mean, after all, it is 2012! As he pointed out, a growing proportion of individuals are glued to smartphones, which are changing the way people interact with the world and interpret information.

Organizations whose goal is to be successful will undoubtedly be forced to jump ship if they don’t begin catering to the demands of technology users. Don’t have content that’s viewable on a smartphone? Haven’t used search engine optimization techniques for your site? Aren’t receiving good feedback online? If you answered no to any of these questions, all I can say is: “Sayonara! Adios! See you later!”

Although the task of familiarizing yourself with all the newfangled types of programs and technology may seem daunting, the cold, hard truth is: it’s absolutely necessary. Learn what a QR code is, figure out how to make your content Google-friendly, and find someone who can build sites that are compatible with smartphones. If you don’t invest in these types of content and programs, I promise you’ll be sorry.

In what the author referred to as a sputtering economy with weak donor confidence, it’s imperative that nonprofits jump in step and make themselves more relevant, useful and innovative in regards to technology.


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