Nonprofits Find Value in New Site

I would like to introduce you to my new friend Pinterest. If the picture sharing aspect of Facebook had a baby with the content sharing portion of StumbleUpon, Pinterest would be the product. The site is a virtual pinboard of content. You can ‘repin’ content that interests you in much the same way that you would cut articles out of a magazine and post them on your corkboard to share with friends and family.

I discovered the site a few months ago and instantly developed an addiction. The content that shows up on my stream is mostly clothes, beauty products, photography, DIY project ideas, and my favorite: food. When I find something I like, I can repin it onto category-specific boards, such as: Fashion, Books Worth Reading, Beauty, For the Home, etc.

The social aspect comes from the connections you form. Pinterest automatically finds people for you to follow who it thinks will interest you. But you can also follow friends’ boards or reach out and find your own trendsetters. The comment section allows individuals to comment on pins and ignite discussions about products, places or ideas.

In “Nonprofits Pin Their Social Media Efforts on New Network,” Cody Switzer points out that Pinterest can be a valuable tool for nonprofits, as well. It allows the organizations to show their unique personality by posting pictures, repinning inspirational content and creating boards that speak to the values of the group. The site is another avenue to brand your organization and connect with others in a new and unique way.

If your nonprofit is focused on children, create boards that have ideas for children’s games, recipes for kids, DIY art projects for students, books worth reading, quotes about children, and the list goes on. Just think about what speaks to your organization’s unique personality and create a board that conveys that. The possibilities are endless.

The site isn’t just a fad; it has found a way to make itself useful for individuals, companies and organizations. Jump on the bandwagon while it’s still in its early stages. This is a chance to be a trendsetter among nonprofits.


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