Nonprofits On Twitter

By now, most nonprofits have found a home on Twitter. Whether they’re using it correctly is a different story. Props to those out there that are finding success on the social media platform, but for those who aren’t, Susan Gunelius highlights best practices in her article, “5 Nonprofits Using Twitter Right.”

Gunelius details the content of @redcross, @charitywater, @HumaneSociety, @makeawish and @operationsmile who are all using Twitter as a platform to connect with audiences using personalized content.

For example, @charitywater posts a new photo each day that links to the organization’s daily blog post. This creative content allows the nonprofit to create an emotional connection with fellow Twitter users rather than simply force feeding content.

However, before nonprofits can use Twitter effectively, it’s important to understand how to use it at all. In “Best Practices for Non-Profits on Twitter,” the author puts Twitter into very basic terms and explains how to use it strategically.

It’s easy to simply publish article after article after article. But is that really what your audience is looking for? Think about what you would want to see and what would pique your interest and try to find ways to incorporate THAT into your content.

People like pictures, videos, and most of all: stories. Nonprofits are often story-driven and one of the easiest ways to connect with people’s emotions is through storytelling. If you can find creative ways to weave stories into your timelines, you’re more likely to ignite conversations and gain a strong following.


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