How to Damage Your Brand

We’ve discussed what it takes to be successful online, but what are some surefire ways to hurt your organization?

In “How Not to Build Your Brand: 5 Damaging Mistakes,” Aubrey Phelps outlines five simple ways that organizations are destined to fail in terms of branding:

  1. Equating design with brand – if your logo and copy are outdated, it’s time rebrand.
  2. Not specializing your services – if your organization does everything, you’re probably doing something wrong.
  3. Blending in with competition – if you can’t stand out from competitors, why are you even trying to compete?
  4. Not educating your client base – if your customers don’t know what you have to offer, they’re not going to use all your services.
  5. Being a stranger to your clients – if you’re not sure whom your messages are targeted toward, start reevaluating your target audiences and find out more about them.

The author does a great job of illustrating why it’s important to be brand- and client-focused in everything an organization does. If you’re not strategic in your communications, you’re destined to fail. There’s far too much noise out there and if your messages are targeted and your brand isn’t innovative, no one is going to listen.

It’s important to sit down and write a social media prior to implementing a social media campaign. Define who your target publics are, which tools you’re going to use to reach them (i.e. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook), and develop ways to evaluate when you’ve been successful in implementing the campaign. In doing so, it’s easy to reevaluate approaches and see what worked best and what didn’t.

You’ll thank me later.


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