Meet Ayni

I am a senior at the University of Oregon majoring in Public Relations. Post graduation in fall 2012, this southern Oregon native plans to pursue a career in nonprofit public relations. In the meantime, I’m currently a Communications and Social Media Intern for the UO’s Alumni Career Services in Portland, an Account Executive with Allen Hall Public Relations for Exceptional Health Care, and enjoy spending time with my “little sister” through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lane County. In my down time, I can be found training for a half marathon, watching CNN, and playing “Who Can Find the Most Grammatical Errors?”…with myself.

On a more professional note, my interest in nonprofit public relations stems from my upbringing. I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs and philanthropists, which has instilled in me a desire to help others. I plan to use my talent of strategic communications to fulfill this passion. However, rather than being  the “actor,” I want to be the communicator for the actors. I’ve taken the first step toward this goal by majoring in public relations at the University of Oregon, but I want to know more.

To find out more about Ayni, connect with her on LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter or peruse her portfolio.

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