The Art of Storytelling

Probably one of my favorite memories as a child was listening my parents tell me stories about how life was when they were my age. Rather than hearing fictitious fairytales of princesses, I wanted to hear about my mother’s growing up in an orphanage and my father’s adventures in the slums of Los Angeles. My … Continue reading

Making Numbers Pretty

I don’t know about you, but the thought of staring at graphs and attempting to digest statistical information makes me want to do one of two things: throw up or pass out. Although others may not be as repulsed by the idea of numbers and statistics as I am, the truth is that many people … Continue reading

Combining Nonprofits with Public Relations

I believe it’s safe to assume that if nonprofits had a Siamese twin, the twin’s name would be “public relations.” Even though PR can function without nonprofits, nonprofits cannot survive without PR. Nonprofits are kept afloat by the generosity of others, so if organizations fail to connect with their target audiences, they will fail at … Continue reading

Utilizing Technology in 2012

It’s that time again — that time when recently written lists of new years resolutions begin collecting dust. They’re too specific, unquantifiable or unreachable. In “7 Things Nonprofits Should Focus on this Year,” Joe Waters takes it upon himself to write your list for you. The author’s main points were centered on technology, which shouldn’t … Continue reading

Plunging into the Water

As a senior public relations student at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication, it’s time for me to dig deeper into my field of interest: nonprofit public relations. I want to know about the history of nonprofit PR, as well as what’s currently going on in this ever-changing industry. I invite you … Continue reading